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Why many ex-Trilogians are Entrepreneurs ?

There have been lot of startups being started lately with some/all of the founding members being ex-Trilogian. Some examples: lifeblob, mustseeindia, reviewgist, drishti, kuliza, irunway, via (formerly flightraja), girnarsoft, ongraph and my own startup lifemojo. I have heard people ask questions like why are they seeing lots of ex-Trilogians in the startups. As an ex-Trilogian myself, here are some key points which I think helps Trilogians to be better prepared for the startup:

Note: These are based on my own experience of 2 years in Trilogy India during the period 2004-06.

  • Trilogy University (TU): Major credit goes to the Trilogy’s training program called the Trilogy University (TU). TU is a very fast paced training program where you see yourself doing things that you thought you could never do and you learn at an ultra-fast pace. In short, you learn how to learn fast. One of the best part of the TU is its graduation project where the trainees have to come up with an innovative idea, find its market potential, come up with a plan to market it, etc and then pitch it to the CEO who acts as a VC and decides whether you got to do the project or have to start the cycle again. Once you get the approval, you have to build the prototype within 3-4 weeks and prove that it is successful. Harvard’s take on TU can be read here.
  • Working in Small Teams: Employees in Trilogy work in very small teams (teams of 1-10 people). Small teams means that you get to work on all kinds of work (much like in a startup) and there is no separate UI or DB expert as such.
  • Early Responsibility/Ownership: People in Trilogy are given big responsibilities very early in their career. This introduces them to the high pressure of tight deadlines and meeting clients expectations quite early which helps them during the roller coaster ride of startups.
  • Working with the best people: The bar set by Trilogy at the time of recruiting is quite high, so you get to work with the best people in the industry. This also helps you in finding partners for your startup easily :).