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[On Web] Effort, Patent Process, Tips before and and after funding

Here is the list of some good articles I read this week and last week:

  • Effort: Seth Godin has an intersting post on “Is effort a myth?”. He gives a four step list of things that if anybody can follow each day, he can become the fittest, best rested, most intelligent, best funded and motivated person in his office or his field:

    1. Delete 120 minutes a day of ‘spare time’ from your life. This can include TV, reading the newspaper, commuting, wasting time in social networks and meetings. Up to you.

    2. Spend the 120 minutes doing this instead:

    • Exercise for thirty minutes.
    • Read relevant non-fiction (trade magazines, journals, business books, blogs, etc.)
    • Send three thank you notes.
    • Learn new digital techniques (spreadsheet macros, Firefox shortcuts, productivity tools, graphic design, html coding)
    • Volunteer.
    • Blog for five minutes about something you learned.
    • Give a speech once a month about something you don’t currently know a lot about.

    3. Spend at least one weekend day doing absolutely nothing but being with people you love.

    4. Only spend money, for one year, on things you absolutely need to get by. Save the rest, relentlessly.

  • IP/Patent Process for Startups: has two part guest post on the Patent process by Dilip of GreyB. Read the posts here and here.

    Your idea or invention should be:

    • Novel
    • Non-obvious
    • Enables
    • Written Description
    • Clear Claims
    • Best Mode
    • Patents are of vital importance to the commercial success of techno start-ups
    • A patent is a shield for competitors
    • A patent gives a strong position to negotiate with investors, an investor provides the conditions for a swift growth
  • Tips for Before and After your Funding: Medianama has this interesting post on tips for before and after your funding by Sanjay Anandram, Sanjiv Mittal, Manu Parpia.

Apart from this, last week was full of posts on the Sequoia Capital’s Doomsday meeting with its companies and the email sent by Ron Conway to his portfolio companies.