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Review of LifeMojo on WATBlog

Rajiv Dingra from WATBlog has published a review of my startup LifeMojo as part of their Saturday startup review.

The product is a comprehensive product when it comes to health and lifestyle management. The features which really catch your attention are the ability to set goals, track weight and manage your health by managing your eating habits and exercise. The product also provides a lot of in depth content into nutrition, health tips etc.

Another killer feature is analyze me which is a health and body mass index analysis tool based on your height and weight. This adds to the motivation especially for those who are not fit to get fit.

Check out the complete review here.

LifeMojo is part of MVP-Batch 2

LifeMojo, my startup, is part of the Morpheus Venture Partners (MVP) Batch 2. Read this Mashable announcement for more detail: