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[On Web] Techcrunch50, Plan B for Fund Raising, Startup Ideas …

Here is the list of some good articles I read this week:

  • Techcrunch50: There was a showdown between Techcrunch and Demo this week with 52 startups giving demo in Techcrunch50 and about 74 giving in Demo. In my opinion, the quality of startups in Techcrunch was better. Do read about all the startups who gave a demo, may be you will find some competitors or good ideas for your own startup :).
  • Plan B for Fund Raising: This is a must read article by Guy Kawasaki for any Entrepreneur.
  • Startup Ideas: Great list of 30 startups Ideas by Paul Graham for YCombinator. MVP has also put a list of links on YCombinator Diaries.
  • Startup Insights from Seth Godin: Dharmesh Shah has a great post on the 8 startup insights that he got from Seth Godin (if you are not following his blog then start now), do read it.