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Is Google Analytics Showing Wrong Data?

I was analyzing the site traffic for LifeMojo with Google Analytics when I saw couple of things wrong:

  • Traffic from Referral Sites: Google reported a lot of traffic coming from a particular site. When I checked the landing page for all this traffic, I found it to be completely wrong. There was only a single link on that site pointing to LifeMojo, but the landing page was the page not even accessible to the users coming from there.
  • Traffic counted under wrong dates: I noticed that Google is counting the traffic coming today on the website to the last date. I don’t know if this is a problem caused by Google because of different timezone, but I have set the timezone for LifeMojo to be IST on Google Analytics. May be Google doesn’t respect timezones much.

Apart from these, Google Analytics also does not show the correct “Average time spent on Site” because Google Analytics is the last thing to load on the page and user may click on some other link by then.

I guess it is better not to rely fully on Google Analytics to give you the exact analytics. May be it is time I install awstats to analyze the apache logs.