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Best Steve Jobs’s Keynotes

Apple announced recently that this year is the last year the company will exhibit at Macworld Expo. Further, it looks like Steve Jobs is not going to deliver this year’s Macworld keynote.

It is the end of an era. Lot of people look up to these keynotes and love the way Steve Jobs presents new Apple products. Here are some of his popular keynotes:

1983: Apple Sales Event

This video also has the famous Apple Ad which was ran during SuperBowl 1984.

1997: Macworld Expo

Steve Job came back to Apple and joined the Apple Board. He also introduced partnership with Microsoft.

1998: Macworld

Steve introduces iMac

1999: Macworld Expo

Steve introduces iBook

2001: Apple Music Event

Steve introduces iPod. Notice how the whole place is different from all the other keynotes and the missing audience enthusiasm (as compared to other keynotes).

2007: Macworld Expo

iPhone is introduced.

Google enables Search Wiki in India

Just noticed it this morning that Google has enabled its Search Wiki feature in India.

Release Day?

It looks like it is some sort of release day today (I mean yesterday). Some of the big releases I noticed this morning:

  • Google Reader with a new User Interface (I like the old one though, may be I will get used to it)
  • Facebook launched Facebook Connect (similar to OpenID)
  • Google Friend Connect is now open to all websites.
  • WordPress 2.7 released. The admin UI is completely changed. Here are all the features released in this new release (I hope they have made it faster now !!).

Entrepreneur Pitchbook from Canaan Partners

Good resource for entrepreneurs looking for pitching to VCs (Canaan Partners in particular):