[On Web] Raising Venture Capital, Simple Web Design, Testing

Here is a list of some good articles I read this week. I will try to publish a similar list every week.

  • The Art of Raising Venture Capital: Another great video from Guy Kawasaki. It has got lot of similar points as in his earlier famous video “The Art of Start” (if you are an Entrepreneur then do read the book by the same name). On the same topic, also read the article by Paul Graham: A Fundraising Survival Guide (A bit long but worth the read).
  • How Simple Web Design Help your Business: Some good examples of Apple, Basecamp, Etsy, etc.

    Remember, online shoppers are a fickle bunch. They don’t “window shop”. They use search engines to limit their searches to a very narrow field. If they don’t like what they see, they leave. Site owners only have a very small window of time to capture the attention of the prospective shopper. A tasteful, clutter-free design that places the focus on the product (and nowhere else) will allow the shopper to find what she wants faster.

  • Easy Automated Web Application Testing: I don’t think Entrepreneurs need to have automated testing at an early stage as there are only a few people working on the code, but at a later stage it is a good thing to have as the number of people increases along with the complexity and size of the code.

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