SEO Notes: Part I

These are some of the notes that I made on SEO after reading couple of books.

Before starting on SEO for you website, identify the keywords for which you want to optimize your search ranking. Once this is done, look at the current top sites in the Google search results for those top sites and take a note of their page rank and other SEO techniques they are using (there are many tools available which can help you do this).

There are 2 types of SEO methods: Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization. I am going to talk about the onpage optimization in this post.

Onpage Optimization

This is the part of SEO which is fully in your control. It’s basically the process of creating pages that conform to the standards so that search engines will be able to grasp the importance of the words or keywords in your content. Onpage Optimization techniques includes:

  • Use keywords under Header tags like H1, H2, H3, etc. Usually, it’s best to place your primary keyword in your <h1> tags and your secondary keyword within the <h2> tags.
  • Use keywords under Image alt attribute. Also, use keywords under title attributes of image and anchor tags.
  • Use the keywords in the page title. This does not mean that you should make a very long title, you can shorten the title by separating the keywords with characters like “|”. The least amount of words you can place in the title, the more weight Search Engines will give to each of the keywords and the higher you will rank.
  • Use the keyword under <b>, <i> or <u> tags.
  • Search Engines will rank a page higher if the keywords appears both at the start and end of the page. It basically means that your main keyword should not jsut be in the middle of the page content.

I will talk about the Offpage optimization in my next post.

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